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Gee Creek

Cutthroat trout, red-legged frog, garter snake and the great blue heron are among the more visible life along Gee Creek, but there is much more to the life chain.

The living (biotic) organisms and the non-living (abiotic) components of Gee Creek form a complex inter-related web of life.
Despite the differences between individual creatures ranging from the majestic great blue heron to microscopic bacteria, all life directly or indirectly requires the other organisms for survival.
Starting with the smallest bacteria and fungi (decomposers) which breakdown the decaying plant and animal matter, successively larger organisms such as insects consume the smaller invertebrates and plant material.
These in turn are consumed by frogs and fish which are subsequently eaten by larger birds and mammals.
When plants and animals die, they start the cycle again by feeding the decomposers.
The simplified food web pictured above depicts the interdependency of some of the organisms of Gee Creek.

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