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Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour

(The Entrance)   (The Wildlife)

The most important thing you can do while you're at the Wildlife Refuge is to keep your eyes open and very aware. It's not like the animals are trying to be spotted, so you'll have to do the work. As with this hawk in the tree and the poor lighting, it was barely noticed.

The most important thing to bring is binoculars. A camera, hopefully with a good zoom lens, would be a great addition. (Photos may be enlarged by clicking on the image)

At least on the day that I visited the Wildlife Refuge, there were an abundance of Hawks in the area. Once again it was necessary to have a keen eye to pick these birds out of their camouflaged background. (Photos may be enlarged by clicking on the image)
Herons and geese are also a popular attraction at the Wildlife Refuge. (Photos may be enlarged by clicking on the image)
The scenery at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge is beautiful on it's own merit. There is water close by in all of these settings as that is the primary need for all animals.

(Photos may be enlarged by clicking on the image)

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